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Commanding one of the most original takes on drum n bass to emerge from the US so far, Pieter K’s diversity and his commitment to truly forging his own musical path stands in sharp contrast to many of his peers. His ‘Everything All the Time’ LP – released 4 years ago on Breakbeat Science – showcased an astonishingly developed fusion of electronica with original breaks (recorded for the most part by the man himself), and has stood the test of time with ease… indeed, some would argue that drum n bass as a whole has yet to catch up.

Since then, Pieter has spent much of his time working on a variety of non-dnb projects, and bar his acclaimed collaboration with Klute (‘Material Trip’ on Comm Suicide / Offshore) and two tracks on the first of the limited edition Subvert Central EPs, we’ve been starved of his trademark drum n bass! With that in mind, we’re delighted to have been given the opportunity to get some more of his ninja beats on wax.

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Side C. Pieter K - Temerity - click to hear

Temerity’ first came to most people’s attention after Hive dropped it on BBC's Breezeblock show; indeed at one stage, this tune looked set to emerge on Hive’s own Violence label (which should come as a recommendation to those who like their drum n bass heavy and raw!)… male vocals, sweet pads and melodic bleeps ride over a mash-up of rollin beats and filthy bass, recalling that old skool Dillinja / Lemon D science of hardcore groove at its best.

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Side I1. Tinfed - Dangergirl (Pieter K Remix) - click to hear

Check the flip for a real special treat, a Pieter K remix of ‘Dangergirl’ by Tinfed, where the original is diced and sliced with a heavy dub sensibility, but one that eschews all the usual dub clichés in favour of something that can wander at ease into a beautiful string-soaked climax…

Side I2. Pieter K - Twice As Once - click to hear

Finally the gorgeous ‘Twice As Once’ rounds off this EP – another gem recorded at around the time Pieter’s first album for BBS dropped but which (fortunately for us) didn’t make it to the final selection.
Listen for yourself and marvel at the man’s widescreen vision!

DJ support on this one comes from all over the place: Hive, Keaton, Echo, DJ Clever, Senses, Rohan, Murderbot, Limewax, D Bridge, Alley Cat, Ill Logic & Raf, Stunna, Icicle & Switch, ESB, Eye D & Hidden, Bassface Sascha, Paul Reset, DJ Trax, Beta 2, Nucleus, Fracture & Neptune, Breakage, Bailey, Equinox, DJ Kalm, Dan Intrinsic, Sabre, Keza & the RUDE FM team and of course the man himself, Pieter K…

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