[CI003] Alpha Omega - 10 Faces Of Death / Discard The Truth

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    PROMO RELEASE DATE : End of February
    FULL RELEASE DATE: End of March

    Heavy Heavy Heavy!!!

    The multi-talented Alpha Omega aka Colin Lindo (also aka Nubian Minds) has already demonstrated his musical versatility many times over, flexing crucial releases and on a slew of highly respected labels over nearly ten years, including old skool Reinforced, Renegade Hardware, Offshore, Archive, 2000 Black and Carl Craig’s Planet E label. From drum n bass to broken beat to the deepest of techno, the man has crafted his own style, fusing genres to create a sound that is identifiably his own.

    Now the original techno sound-warrior returns with an absolute monster of a twelve that brings new meaning to the word ‘danger’ in drum n bass… Indeed, we’ve already heard this pairing described as ‘the single that should have come out on Headz’….
    Now, while we wouldn’t be so bold as to describe it as such (!) there’s no doubt in our minds that this one has all the ambition and all the heaviness of a classic Headz bomb: futuristic, raw, dark, technical…. but always musical. And with both tunes currently getting absolutely rinsed by the likes of Doc Scott, Bailey and Loxy & Ink, you can be guaranteed that Mr. Lindo has pulled out all the stops on this one to produce something truly unique.

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    Side C. Alpha Omega – 10 Faces Of Death - click to hear

    Where all too many supposedly ‘heavy’ dnb tunes flail and thrash about blindly like an aged drunk, ’10 Faces of Death’ thrusts, darts, punches and then positively slams like a seasoned kick-boxer. Tuff breaks ricochet off each other around a pile-driving rhythm that just won’t let up while the deepest of pads unfold to paint an epic, apocalyptic backdrop… Recalling the ghosts of ‘Terminator’, this beast of a track exhibits a mutant restlessness that sees it morphing from the word go, and a fury that can only be described as ‘Hardcore’.
    Miss it at your peril!

    [​IMG] click image to enlarge

    Side I. Alpha Omega – Discard The Truth - click to hear

    Turn to the flip for more shape-shifting technoid adventures on ‘Discard The Truth’. Here Colin Lindo tells it like it is in the world – or rather, the Universe of Alpha Omega, rolling out sparse stepping metallic drums and sending them marching deep into alien territory to see what they might find… As ever, the results are dangerously unpredictable, and yet strangely compelling!

    DJ support Alley Cat, Alpha Omega, Bailey, Beta 2, Breakage, Doc Scott, ESB, Equinox, Fracture & Neptune, Gremlinz, Limewax, Loxy & Ink, Outrage, Selector Moldy, Senses and Spirit amongst others

    - make the speakers pound the future sound of the underground -

    Distributed by SRD
    Counter Intelligence Recordings

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    Two 12"es from Counter Intelligence are coming out soon!

    You can pre-order these directly with Counter Intelligence and get them delivered to you within 6 weeks.
    This will be in advance to the regular release through SRD (CI003 will be out in February/March and CI004 will be out in March/April).
    All pre-orders will feature full artwork labels and sleeve.
    The vinyl will be sent out the last week of February.


    C : 10 Faces Of Death
    I : Discard The Truth


    C : Infuse - Observer
    I : Dak - Nutcase


    Each 12" sells for 7,50 Euro

    (limited copies of Counter Intelligence 001 & 002 are available too, check releases page on www.counterintelligence.nl for artwork & audio)

    Postage rates as follows:

    1 - 4 vinyls = 5,50 Euro (thank the Dutch postage system for that weird pricing scheme)

    Europe (including UK):
    1 or 2 vinyls = 3,40 Euro
    3 or 4 vinyls = 5,50 Euro

    USA / Canada / Australia / Rest Of World:
    1 or 2 vinyls = 5,60 Euro
    3 or 4 vinyls = 7,40 Euro

    Payment instructions

    Please e-mail all order inquiries and questions to shop@counterintelligence.nl
    If you know what you want and have calculated the right price then you can send payments IN EURO!!!

    using Paypal to: paypal AT counterintelligence.nl (replace the 'AT' and the spaces with @)
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    12 days left for the deadline of February 19