DnB chunky upfront selection (2015-now)

Large Marge

garbage truck
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Mar 11, 2013
some nice heavyweight biz... fun for all the family

Nu Elementz - Respect [Sweet Tooth]
Tyke & Prestige - Observe [Playaz]
Bigga Star & Spreda - Aura [Natty Dub]
Jinx & Dazee - Bring It Down [Ruffneck Ting]
Heist - Seems Risky [Original Key]
2N - Cats & Dogs [Musik Hertz]
Impact - New Chamber [Dub Voltage]
Shifta - Don't Move [Smokin Riddims]
Habitat - See Me Coming [Ruffneck Ting]
T>I - Control Room [Calypso Muzak]
Dawn Raid - Poor Live Trife [Hocus Pocus]
Ego Trippin - Who Are You? [Hi Def]
Bass Antics - Feel It [Murky Digital]
Jaxx - Custard Cream [Switch!]
Voltage - Bear Trap [Low Down Deep]
Origin & Profile - R Whites [Kartoons]
Serum - Species [ThirtyOne]
Fineprint - Drop Danger [Cre8 Dnb]
K Jah & Vytol - Passages [Ruffneck Ting]
The Force - Brain Activity [Ruffneck Ting]
Brockout - No Way [Black Tuna]
Genetix - Tokyo Rift [Multi Function]
Too Greezey - Cutting Shapes [Sub-Liminal]
Blackmask - After Midnight [Promo Audio]
Version - Options [Natty Dub]
Sly & Pacso - Honey Monster [Low Down Deep]
Hoogs - Dry Wall [Calypso Muzak]
Damage Report - The Touch [Holographic Audio]
TZone - Special Techniq [Radius]
Firefox - Keep It Raw [Philly Blunt]
Dungeon Beats & Ricochet - Signals [Filthy Business]

Link: https://dnbshare.com/download/Large_Marge_-_Upfront_DnB_2015-17.mp3.html


banned on facebook
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Mar 20, 2008
Nice mix, just my kinda jump up, no screechy shite, no bass overloaded quadruple drops, just 1/2 straight business.

Thoroughly enjoyed it, absolutely nothing I would complain about. Good job.

Large Marge

garbage truck
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Mar 11, 2013
yeah this one is a screech-free zone...strictly sub bass shakers!

big up for dropping some feedback, glad you liked


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May 18, 2009
Altrincham, Cheshire
Been awhile since heard some proper rollin jumpup - well up my street, had me from the start
That Nu elementz tune is one of the best theyve done followed by my man Tyke - killer !
The flow was spot on, nothing to rowdy, nice blends, good switches if you can fit that many tunes in half hour its always gonna be bangin
Did want to hear some more mixing though, tracks ontop of each other, didnt really hear anything that made it stand out but still great mix & wicked selection

Large Marge

garbage truck
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Mar 11, 2013
yer, proper no frills mixing. could've been a bit more inventive but hey...

glad you enjoyed it anyway, appreciate the feedback cheers
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