Chuki - January(ish) 2013

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    Ermagerd a mix from me. Excuse time: Im not too sure on the key of some of these mixes, iv listened to them so many times now when I just listen to a tune by itself it sounds out of tune.. so I need more ears. Also Im crap at finishing mixes so I sort of bolted a tune onto the end :teeth:

    Potential Badboy - Girlz VIP (ft. Yush & MC Fats)
    Flare - Jamrock
    Wickaman, Hoodum & Mavrick - One Scratch
    Visionary - Bad Man (Serums Big On The Streets VIP)
    Krome & Time - The Licence (Break remix)
    >> Rebel MC - Champion DJ (Serial Killaz VIP Remix)
    Freestylers - Entertainer (Serial Killaz remix)
    Bladeunnrer - Feel for You
    Trisector - Frozen Funk
    Break - Time After Time
    Siren & Vicious Circle - Snorkel (S.P.Y Remix)
    Optiv & BTK - Zero Hour
    Optiv - Krakpot (Jade Remix)
    Audio - Headroom
    Hazard - Air Guitar
    Tyke - Vice Squad
    Heist - Night Shift
    Konichi - Simulator Music
    Fourward - Talk to Me
    Original Sin - Suffer No Fools
    Heist - Robot Insecticide
    Wickaman & Hoodlum - Ain't Done Yet
    Far Too Loud - 600 Years (Skism remix)
    Shimon & Sparfunk - The Smoker (Tantrum Desire remix)
    Delta Heavy - Space Time
    Mefjus, Bowsar & Kaiza - Gravitational Lensing

    Feedback and criticism is most welcome!