Chroma - Surge / Haunted Dancehall - Commercial Suicide


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Surge / Haunted Dancehall
Chroma are fucking sick, this 12" is fucking sick too.
The trio, from Newcastle, formed in 2011 and consist of Phobia, Sato & Tyrone - already well known entities within D&B circles.
They make blinding music, as previously witnessed on such superb labels as Prog:Ram, C.I.A. Renegade Hardware, Commercial Suicide, Symmetry, Ingredients, Med School & Critical.
They’re so good, Andy C, Goldie, Klute, Hype, Total Science, Friction, Fabio all see fit to play their music in their sets.
Bloody good I say. Makes me want to buy it.

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Release date: 27/05/2013
Format: 12" Vinyl
Genre: D&B
Catalogue number: SUICIDE070