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    Jun 5, 2007
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    I did not do this mix but a good friend did it as a christmas mix so im entering it as my contribution! The mix is called Jungle Bells which i thought was a cracking name for a Christmas mix!

    01) Universal Truth Matrix & Futurebound
    02) >>> (tease) Racing Green High Contrast
    03) Airplane Sub Focus
    04) Zeppelin Culture Shock
    05) Vice Chase Culture Shock
    06) Metamorphism High Contrast
    07) Satellite Type 2 Commix
    08) >>> (tease) Work It Out Die and Clipz
    09) All Blue Sigma
    10) Down The Line Alix Perez featuring MC Fats
    11) Quest Andy C
    12) Perfect Drug Ed Rush & Optical
    13) Colour Wheel Logistics
    14) Aliens Sub Focus
    15) Night Flight Andy C
    16) Jump TC
    17) >>> (tease) Bacteria (remix) Ed Rush & Optical
    18) Standing Room Only Hive, Gridlok and Break
    19) Be True Commix
    20) Talk To Frank Commix
    21) 9507 Doc Scott
    22) Strictly Commix
    23) Black Doves Clipz
    24) Gold Digger (remix) High Contrast
    25) Let It Happen Break
    26) Faceless (MIST remix) Commix
    27) Hurt You Chase and Status
    28) Space Between Us Apex featuring Ayah
    29) Druggy Sub Focus
    30) Lost Highway Sub Focus & Danny Wheeler
    31) Dutty Funk Phesta featuring Muller
    32) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang High Contrast