Christmas is coming :D


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Jan 7, 2016
I'd love to make myself a gift, basically I'm creating one step at a time my own little home studio!
right now i have the basics in order to make my own music (mac, soundcard, monitors, crappy midi keyboard, nice microphone, an apc40 mk2, a bunch of various plugin and tons of samples :p), but after a couple of years of work basically without any kind of hardware I'd love to give myself something that's cool, oldskoolish and not too expensive...

I put my eyes on something like an old KORG M1 for example, or maybe some kind of synth like something from the new korg volca series or the mini/microbrute from Arturia, or in extreme cases maybe an old akai sampler like S950 or S2000 (but maybe they are a bit hard to use nowadays)...

I'd love to buy all of them but actually I want something usable and useful...
Does anybody has any suggestions?

I know today everything practicable through software, but sometimes I really appreciate to work with knobs, buttons and faders... Especially the synthesis part of the work is sometimes a little frustrating
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Manu Forti

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Mar 8, 2007
I think I'm gonna grab the monologue for myself, having used my friends minilouge and loving the sound I'm gonna try this poly. I think it's out b4 xmas.


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Sep 13, 2010
I aint getting shit. I bought logic x last year for myself and have logged no time producing this year.

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Jun 27, 2013
São Paulo, Brazil
I'm just gonna grab a new acoustic guitar. Been wanting to incorporate "real playing" to my music since ages ago.

Maybe a midi controller as well.


Nov 20, 2010
Bought MPC studio, waiting for software update 2.0. I hope that it will be available at Christmas time and there will be audio drag and drop on arrangement. Ha ha Silly me. #NeedtobuyPUSH
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