DnB Christmas Crackers


May 11, 2010
Thought i'd put a little mix together for Christmas. This was the first time i recorded it,
there were a few areas i felt that i could have done the eq a bit better.
Would of recorded it again but couldn't be fucked so here it is...

Mixed on 2 NDX 800's and a Behringer VMX 200


Generator By Mind Vortex
Take That By Dc Breaks
Hit The Ground By Loadstar
Sabotage By Futurebound Vs Metrik
Abort By Delta Heavy
Mind Over Matter By Optiv & BTK
Back In The Grind (Cern & Dabs Mix) By Octane & DLR
Backlash By Optiv & BTK
Stomp By Subfocus
Someone By Friction
Do You Love By Sigma
Tonight By Wilkinson
Protection By Culture Shock
In The Future Camo & Krooked
Echoes By Hamilton

Stream: http://www.mixcloud.com/goodwing1/christmas-crackers/

Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gxfpxf
Generator By Mind Vortex - great intro to open with. cant stand those vocals on the track tho.
Take That By Dc Breaks - good eq here.
Hit The Ground By Loadstar - again its good with the eqing. not 100% on the tracks together tho.
Sabotage By Futurebound Vs Metrik - liked this, they worked well. should have cut hit the ground out slightly earlier to clean the blend a lil. if u know where i mean.
Abort By Delta Heavy - liked that switch was wicked.
Mind Over Matter By Optiv & BTK - whoa, honestly this was too much, so many diff twists and stabs they couldnt possibly work, the eq was done nice and sounded as good as u were gonna get them to fuse but they just sat on top of each other in a bit of a frenzy for me.
Back In The Grind (Cern & Dabs Mix) By Octane & DLR - not bad. theres a lot going on but it worked. could have made some nice switches to back in the grind at the end of some of the bars.
Backlash By Optiv & BTK - not bad, i would have left out the basslines together, the into was cool but i didn't like them dropping with each other.
Stomp By Subfocus - cool. less bass and mid on backlash tho
Someone By Friction - was cool, nice and smooth good transition. the actualy track wants me to punch dogs and babies tho.
Do You Love By Sigma - great mix. best one so far i think, shame i hate this track too. no offence.
Tonight By Wilkinson - nice blend man.
Protection By Culture Shock - came in really nice during the breakdown. eq sounds good too. the drop was cool.
In The Future Camo & Krooked - was ok, its a real shame the vocals clashed otherwise it would have been really good. terrible track tho.
Echoes By Hamilton - really liked this over the breakdown of in the future. didn't think the drums worked aswell together tho. less mid i think on echoes, in the future was getting left behind a lil.

nice lil mix man. eq work was real nice, track placement was spot on. selection was a bit synth pop for my personal tastes, couple of more serious tracks in the middle there to break it up a bit, well played. but selection is always personal preference so each to their own.
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