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    A selection of mixes from his blog........

    Chrissy Murderbot's Year of Mixtapes Week 9: Ambient Jungle

    1.Blame; Groove Research (Movin' Shadow)
    2.Cloud Nine; Blissful Ignorance (Tango Remix) (Movin' Shadow)
    3.D'Cruze; Heaven (Suburban Base)
    4.Eddie; Intelligent Drummer (One Touch Recordings)
    5.DJ Food; Fungle Junk (Ninja Tune)
    6.Essence of Aura; Let Love Shine Through (Movin' Shadow)
    7.Tek 9; Slow Down (Nookie Remix) (Reinforced)
    8.Jazz Juice; Jazz Juice (Precious Materials)
    9.DJ Krush feat. Black Thought & Malik B; Meiso (4Hero Remix) (Mo'Wax)
    10.Run Tings & Liftin' Spirits; Invincible (Suburban Base)
    11.The Noise of Art; Rollin' Deep (Smokey Joe Remix—Chrissy Murderbot Re-Edit) (Suburban Base)
    12.Omni Trio; Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix) (Movin' Shadow)
    13.Red One; Alive & Kicking (Remix) (Liftin' Spirits)
    14.Flynn & Flora; Dream Of You (Independent Dealers)
    15.Boogie Times Tribe; My Soul (Roni Size & Krust Remix) (Suburban Base)
    16.SDS; Future Feelings (Echo Drop)
    17.The Art of Noise; Island (Seiji Remix) (China)
    18.Jason Mouse; Better World (Sm:)e)
    19.DJ Phantasy; Atmosphere (Alex Reece Remix) (Rogue Trooper)
    20.Tek 9; 74 Inches Above Sea Level (SSR)
    21.ILS & G-Force; Nocturnal (Echo Drop)
    22.Rogue Unit; Dance of the Sarooes (Labello Blanco)
    23.Tight Control; Sax Lick 1 (Chrissy Murderbot Edit) (Bear Necessities)
    24.Mikey James; The Rhys Project (Suburban Base)
    25.A Guy Called Gerald; Life Unfolds His Mystery (Juice Box)

    Chrissy Murderbot's Year of Mixtapes Week 12: 1991 UK Rave Tunes

    1.Orbital; Chime (FFRR / Internal)
    2.Baby D; Day Dreaming (Can You Handle It Mix) (Production House)
    3.The Shamen; Move Any Mountain (Devil Mix) (One Little Indian / Epic)
    4.The KLF; Last Train To Trancentral (KLF)
    5.The Art of Noise; Shades of Paranoimia (Carl Cox Remix) (China)
    6.Rhythm On The Loose; Break Of Dawn (The One After D)
    7.Orbital; Choice (FFRR / Internal)
    8.808 State; Cubik (Ex:El Version) (ZTT)
    9.Soundsource; Take Me Up (Chrissy Murderbot Re-Edit) (FFRR)
    10.MIDI Rain; Eyes (Bizarre Inc. Remix) (Vinyl Solution)
    11.Opus III; It's A Fine Day (EastWest)
    12.Dream Frequency; Feel So Real (CityBeat)
    13.Smart Systems; The Tingler (Remix) (Jumpin' & Pumpin')
    14.Eon; Fear: The Mindkiller (Vinyl Solution)
    15.Zero Zero; Zeroxed (Kickin')
    16.Nexus 21; Sychologic P.S.P. (Network)
    17.Isotonik; Different Strokes (Ffrreedom)
    18.Altern 8; Infiltrate 202 (Altern 8 vs. Astrix & Space Re-Remix) (Network)
    19.The Prodigy; Charly (Alley Cat Mix) (XL)
    20.Phuture Assassins; Shot Like Dis (Suburban Base)
    21.Shut Up & Dance; Green Man (Rum & Black Mix) (Shut Up & Dance)
    22.SL2; DJs Take Control (XL)
    23.Bizarre Inc.; Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix) (Vinyl Solution)
    24.Alternative Dance Indulgence; Testify (white)
    25.2 Bad Mice; Bombscare (Movin' Shadow)
    26.SL2; The Noise (Remix) (XL)
    27.Altern 8; Activ-8 (Network)
    28.The Prodigy; Your Love (XL)

    Chrissy Murderbot's Year of Mixtapes Week 16: Hardstep

    1.Rude Bwoy Monty; Warp 9 Mr. Zulu (Heavyweight Mix) (Ganja)
    2.Remarc; Single Finga Killa (Suburban Base)
    3.Pharoahe Monch; Simon Says (Roni Size & DJ Die Remix) (Rawkus)
    4.DJ Zinc; So Damn Fresh (Remix) (Ganja)
    5.Evil vol. III; Mad Real (white)
    6.DJ Dextrous; This Situation (Subversive Records)
    7.Dr. Octagon; Blue Flowers (DJ Hype Remix) (Mo'Wax)
    8.DJ Krome & Mr. Time; Hip Hop Ride (Tearin' Vinyl)
    9.Shy FX; Bambaataa (Funksta Revisited) (Ebony)
    10.Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott; Beep Me 911 (Ganja Kru Remix) (EastWest)
    11.Wosh & King Tut; Throat (Joker Records)
    12.DJ Phantasy; .44 Mag (Easy Records)
    13.DJ Zinc feat. MC GQ; Bring The Danger (Tru Playaz)
    14.Prisoners of Technology; Trick of Technology (Fresh Kutt)
    15.The Fugees; Ready or Not (DJ Zinc Remix) (white)
    16.Capone; Massive (HardLeaders)
    17.Timebase; War Zone (Tearin' Vinyl)
    18.Dillinja; Muthafucka (Fire Fox Relick) (Philly Blunt)
    19.DJ Hype; On That Dust (Regulators Remix by Dextrous & Teebone) (Ganja)
    20.Mos Def; Universal Magnetic (IQ Collective Remix) (Rawkus / Trouble on Vinyl)
    21.Mental Power; Deep Soul (Formation)
    22.Dred Bass feat. The JB; World Of Music (Remix) (Back II Basics)
    23.The Dream Team; Scandalize (Joker Records)
    24.DJ Zinc; It's Like Dat (Remix) (Frontline)
    25.Aphrodite; Woman That Rolls (Urban Takeover)
    26.DJ Rap; Hardstep (Proper Talent)

    Chrissy Murderbot's Year of Mixtapes Week 26: Ragga Jungle

    1.Greenwood; Hold It Down (Inner City Dance)
    2.DMS & The Boneman X; Sweet Vibrations (FX Recordings)
    3.M-Beat feat. General Levy; Incredible (Renk)
    4.The New Cru feat. General Pecos; Run Come (Labello Blanco)
    5.Bounty Killer & Beenie Man; Borderline Mobster (Sensi Crew Remix) (Greensleeves)
    6.The Dream Team aka Bizzy B & Pugwash); Stamina (Suburban Base)
    7.Hardware; Yout Man (Frontline)
    8.Skeng Gee; Connections (Marvellous Cain Remix) (Suburban Base)
    9.Firefox & 4 Tree; Warning (Powder Mix) (Philly Blunt)
    10.Smokey Joe; Gimmi My Gun (Desired State Remix) (Labello Blanco)
    11.L Double; Little Rollers vol. 1 (Flex)
    12.Barrington Levy & Mega Banton; She's Mine (Sensi Crew Remix) (Greensleeves)
    13.General Degree; Papa Lover (Stretch Remix) (Jet Star Records)
    14.Remarc; R.I.P. (Suburban Base)
    15.Dextrous & Teebone; Selectors Roll VIP (Subliminal / unreleased)
    16.Conquering Lion; Code Red (X Project)
    17.R-Type; Love Is Blind (Hyper Records)
    18.Shy FX & UK Apachi; Original Nuttah (S.O.U.R.)
    19.Chakademus & Pliers; Gal Wine Drum & Bass (Greensleeves)
    20.Dextrous; Wanted Dead Or Alive (Subversive)
    21.Marvellous Cain; The Hitman (Dream Team Remix) (Suburban Base)
    22.Cutty Ranks; Limb By Limb (DJ SS Remix) (Suburban Base)
    23.Ellis D feat. The Specialist; Nice Up Your Scene (White House)
    24.Studio 1; Dancing Feet (Strictly Underground)
    25.Dawn Penn & Bounty Killer; You Don't Love Me No No No (Ambient Jungle Lick) (Greensleeves)
    26.Barrington Levy; Here I Come (Ridley Don Remix) (Greensleeves)
    27.Mad Cobra; Tek Him (B-Line Remix) (Jet Star)
    28.Shy FX; Simple Tings (S.O.U.R.)

    Chrissy Murderbot's Year of Mixtapes Week 30: 1993 Rave.

    1.DJ Krome & Mr. Time; The Slammer (Suburban Base)
    2.Johnny Jungle; Flammable (Cloud 9 Remix) (Suburban Base)
    3.DJ Hype; Shot In The Dark (QBass Remix) (Suburban Base)
    4.Grooverider; Sinister (The Influence Remix) (Reinforced)
    5.A Guy Called Gerald; This Is The Right Time (Juice Box)
    6.QBass; Deepa (NRG Remix) (Suburban Base)
    7.DJ Vibes; Sing It Loud (Asylum)
    8.Jump Up Crew; Come Again (Labello Blanco)
    9.Run Tings; Look No Further (Suburban Base)
    10.Doc Scott; Street Knowledge (The Lost Track) (Reinforced)
    11.Nookie; Shining In Da Darkness (Reinforced)
    12.SMD Volume 1; Untitled (Side A) (white)
    13.Cloud 9; Mr. Logic (Movin' Shadow)
    14.DJ Massive; Feel The Rhythm (Labello Blanco)
    15.DJ Vibes; Obsession (Music's So Wonderful) (Asylum)
    16.DJ Rap & Aston; Vertigo (QBass Dark Remix) (Suburban Base)
    17.Red Alert & Mike Slammer; Ruff (Slammin' Vinyl)
    18.DJ Dubplate; Free Your Soul (Labello Blanco)
    19.Smokey Joe; Original Bad Boy Riddim (Labello Blanco)
    20.Q Project; Champion Sound (Alliance Remix) (Legend Records)
    21.Origin Unknown; Valley Of The Shadows (Long Dark Remix) (Ram Recordings)
    22.Macka Brown; Beware Of The Bassline (Labello Blanco)
    23.Citadel of Kaos; Warped (Boombastic Plastic)
    24.Wax Doctor & Jack Smooth; New Direction (Remix) (Basement)
    25.Naughty Naughty Volume 1; I Need Your Lovin' (white)
    26.Acen; Window In The Sky (DJ Krome & Mr. Time Badup Mix) (Production House)

    Chrissy Murderbot's Year of Mixtapes Week 42: 1992 Rave (Part 1)

    1.Utah Saints; Something Good (FFRR / UK)
    2.DJ Seduction; Hardcore Heaven (FFRR / UK)
    3.Fierce Ruling Diva; Keep Moving In Time (Vocal Mix) (Lower East Side Records / The Netherlands)
    4.Radioactive; The Eliminator (XYMO Records / Belgium)
    5.GTO; Love Is Everywhere (Reach For The Sky Mix) (NovaMute / UK)
    6.Meat Beat Manifesto; Mindstream (Orbital Remix) (Mute Records / UK)
    7.Love Inc.; Trance Atlantic XS (Rising High Records / UK)
    8.Bizarre Inc.; Plutonic (Vinyl Solution / UK)
    9.Messiah; Temple of Dreams (Kickin' Records / UK)
    10.Dream Frequency; Take Me (The Prodigy Remix) (CityBeat / UK)
    11.Opus III; I Talk To The Wind (Transcendent Mix) (PWL International / UK)
    12.Mig-31; Mig-31 (Pirate Record / Italy)
    13.Sonic Experience; Protein (Strictly Underground / UK)
    14.A Homeboy, A Hippie, & A Funki Dred; Start Da Panik (Rising High Records / UK)
    15.Project One feat. Nanisha; Roughneck (Remix) (Rising High Records / UK)
    16.Sub Love; One By One (Earth Recordings / UK)
    17.Channel X; Channel X (Beat Box International / Belgium)
    18.Messiah; 20,000 Hardcore Members (Program 2 Remix) (Kickin' Records / UK)
    19.The Prodigy; G-Force (XL Recordings / UK)
    20.Praga Khan feat. Jade 4U; Injected With A Poison (MNO Power Remix) (Beat Box International / Belgium)
    21.Wishdokta; Teknoskitzo (Kickin' Records / UK)
    22.Baby D; Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Production House / UK)
    23.Altern 8 feat. Evelyn "Champagne" King; Shame '92 (Network Records / UK)
    24.Liquid; Sweet Harmony (XL Recordings / UK)
    25.Run Tings; Fires Burning (Suburban Base / UK)
    26.Phuture Assassins; Future Sound (Suburban Base / UK)
    27.The Prodigy; Fire (Sunrise Version) (XL Recordings / UK)
    28.Program 2 & Joey Beltram; Threshold (Vortex Records / USA)
    29.C of E; Church of Extacy (Crucify The Acid Remix) (Rising High Records / UK)