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Mar 4, 2016
West midlands
Hi people can anyone help me with what the chords are in this track?
really looking for that piano sound for my productions, not looking to copy.....just really trying to find my sound and i love sebas production!
The piano is perfect for what i want to incorporate into my tunes, still learning with my chords.
Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question or trying to cheat, Just really inspired and I'm starting to fuse a few of my techniques from favourite artists and what I've learned now, been playing with my midi keyboard but can't quite find a similar sound yet!
Thank you people!

Dark Lizardro

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Jun 27, 2013
São Paulo, Brazil
Just search for "chord progressions" over the internet. Tons of material available. That way, you'll be able not only to mimic the chord progressions of your favorite songs, but also build your own.

The "piano sound" is, just as the name, a piano. Probably a real life piano instead of a VST (even though with the right ammount of velocity, compression, chorus and reverb you can emulate a real piano faily well).
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