Chord Light (Jungle Version)


I Am Not The King
Feb 8, 2002

I like the intro pad, and I really like your design, it's very original and I love originality, the way you've programmed the grooves and the melodies, it's really fantastic!

But you're not quite there yet in terms of quality, I think you should absolutely stick with your HIGHLY original style of programming, but your sound needs work like the sounds need to gel and be a bit more cohesive, you need a bigger and deeper bass sound, the snare needs to be more pronounced and so forth, but this will come with time and experience, so just keep writing tunes, and you will get it right in no time at all, but again, don't change your style because it's dope as hell!


May 3, 2011
Hi logikz,

Thanks a lot for your comments on my track =)
Mixing the hole thing is like make it sound like a bought cd,
still need to work on that.

Cheers, MeThOxY
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