Choon idea!


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oki here is some comments.

First off drop the Super sharp shooter intro, sound abit cheesy imo. The rest of the intro is ok, plain 2 step beats. when the second beats drops in at 0:35 seconds, you could ad some more percussion or give the beats some more hit's to mash up the speed feeling. when the amens hits in around 1:20 it shouldn't stop, the amens should go run compleat so you don't get that stacato feeling, it works way better after 2:05. The bassline is only consisting of a deep sub, and shouldn't drive the song, it sould only be used to keep the low freqs in place. You could add some more layers of basslines in a higher freq to give the bassline more range. you could also add some effects on the higer layered basslines to give the whole song more crunch.

just some comments

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Thanks for the comments!

I just mess about with samples, nothing I do is original :D

However, should be going to a studio soon to work on something proper, I'll post the stuff ere first!

Keep em' peeled!! :p