Chook - Sound Of Time/Trainspot(Misanthrop Remix)[FF011]


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Full Force 011

Chook - Sound of Time
Chook - Trainspot (Misanthrop rmx)

Chook - Sound Of Time Hazy eyes awake to a dark, mysterious setting. Suspense lingers as the introduction begins. The invasion of static mutates the airwaves, opposing a major threat to recovery. Sharp, skin cutting percussion sets the senses on high alert, preparing the body for the breaks. Thick, grungy midlines shiver feverishly in cold textures, while an edgy rolling bassline coats the walls of the sound chamber. The white noise regains control of the vessel, paralyzing all running systems and thus forbidding any chance of outside contact. The signal is set, the fate is sealed. The rugged, minimal funk pollutes another mind and executes it's venomous destiny.

Chook - Trainspot [Misanthrop Remix] German powerhouse, Misanthrop, steps up for his first contribution to the Full Force stable with a masterful remix of Chook's sinister roller, 'Trainspot'. Flexing his signature style of high voltage funk and chest rupturing bass, Misanthrop adds another layer to the legend in this "can't miss, must have" remix classic. Once again, Full Force proves to be one of the most respected outlets in the game for pure quality in future funk beats.