Chill Collective - Proper Motion EP [Plush] Halftime DNB

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    New Zealand`s Josh Buck, aka Chill Collective, has been making deep music for
    some time and now we introduce a new EP for PLUSH showing off a variety of
    rhythmic styles. This one has something for the casual listener but also the
    dance floor.

    LABEL: Plush Recordings
    ARTIST: Chill Collective
    TITLE: Proper Motion EP
    GENRE: Halftime DNB / Atmospheric/Intelligent Dnb / Drum and Bass
    CAT: PLUSH087D
    RELEASE DATE: 2016-05-09
    TRACKS: 4

    Chill Collective - Don`t Feel Right (Original Mix)
    Chill Collective - Proper Motion (Original Mix)
    Chill Collective - Conspire (Original Mix)
    Chill Collective - Shinobi (Original Mix)

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