Chili Banks "Edit Your Drums" JMLP03 Out Now! (Singles Inside)

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    Chili Banks "Edit Your Drums" JMLP03 Out Now! (Singles Inside)

    Chili Banks "Edit Your Drums" L.P. is Chili's second full length album in as many years. This time around he's pushing the drum edits and crate digging vocals. The album dropped July 15, 2011.

    "The Junglist Manifesto Recordings frontman stays true to the sounds of yesteryear with a twist. Hard heavily edited beats and crate digging samples are laid out with technical precision. The overall album is concise clean and one for the true Junglist heads."

    Available at Beatport, itunes, 7digital, Amazon, HMVDigital (basically anywhere digital tunes are sold)


    Check out the 2 free singles from the album Chili Banks "Edit Your Drums" (JMLP03) L.P. "Crazy" & "B.I.G.". Also included are the singles for Bay B Kane's new L.P. Jungle Love" - "Florescent" (Morphy Da Dubmonger Remix) & Bay B Kane's remix of Morphy's "Dusty Stylus". Check 'em out both out the albums available everywhere now!!!!!!
    To preview both albums look here...