Chewbacca & Han solo


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Hi folks,

I have been trying to work this out for too long and I stumbled across this site, hope someone can help me ...

I used to have an album that started with some samples of Chewia and Han solo having a chat, something like "Chewie, is that you", then chewie grumbles a bit,

then the first tune kicks in and it has a man saying "Ahh" and it shifts in pitch

aaaaahhhhhhh - AHHHHHHHHHH - ahhhhhhhhhh - AAAHHHHHHH with matching filthy synth / bass, then the track kicks off with the drums for 2 bars then a pause, then 2 bars then pause ....

The whole album was brilliant but I lost it and cannot for the life of me remember the track names or the album, just that it had chewie grumbling at the start

any help is greatly appreciated

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