Cherry Bomb mp3


thought size didnt matter
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(y) good track for home listening.

Couple of observations:

Bearing in mind it's def a listening track and not a banging dancefloor tune, maybe you might consider making it a bit less DJ friendly?? IE taking away the hi hats from the intro and replacing them with something a bit more unusual.

Needs a more dramatic fill just before the bass comes in... one reversed cymbal sounds a bit week... maybe a small vocal sample or something....?

On your main drum loop, there's a real tinny kinda jungle loop in the background - really needs to be gated!!!

Overall mixdown could use some basic mastering... Waves L2 for example...
cheers fella,
yeah it definately needs a more dramatic break before the drop and i see what ur sayin about a vocal. was planning to put somethin in there, just gotta find somethin! whats this Wave L2? geussin its a masterin tool, ill look out for it. the loop behind the drums... r u on about the break? i was thinkin of changin the break, do u reckon i should just fiddle around with the one thats already there?

cheers again