Chemical Realities - feedback


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Mar 12, 2002
Hi guys, I'd be interested to hear your reactions to some drum n bass that i have produced, and hear any criticisms or advice you have on how to improve these tracks. Addidionally, if you could post links to your work here, I'd like to check out your stuff too.

You can use the lo-fi stream from my site for instant access with no download time, but this is only a preview and at low quality. If u could, take the time to listen to the full track

Sounds pretty good. A litle too "jungle" for my taste, but well done. "Here Come the Bongos" Sounds really good, though. I tried to download the full version and I thin kmy coimputer screwed it up because it won't play! If you bumped that up to about 165 - 170 I think that would be a nice sounding tune.

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