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Chemical Bliss

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Just put my first two productions up. Was looking for some feedback. Good or bad let me know what you think.

Mad respect to all producers pushing beautiful sounds, Chemical bliss, peace.

P.S If someone could tell me how to embed tracks would help.
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they are cool for what you got. its a much more interesting direction to push than dancefloor or jump up (imo) but sound really quite empty man, they need atmospheres and effects to keep them interesting then they need variation in the drums also, more drum layers. the basslines are rather simple and uncaptivating, but these are good for just starting out you seem to have a good pallet of sounds.

try using some more syncopated patterns, offbeat bass stabs and drum hits with reverb on them are really great in minimal dnb. hope that helps

when you make your post there should be a little SC tag above in the options, but if you cant see that then you can type the [ SOUNDCLOUD ] URL HERE [/ SOUNDCLOUD] with all the spaces removed ;)