Cheeky 10 minute mix

It was inititially meant to be longer as was recording it to show a local Promoter I know but messed up the mix and haven't got the time/can't be bothered to re do it just yet so cut it down. I got a day off Wednesday so will probably devote my time to doing it then, cheers for listening man haven't ever really thought about pitching it up from the start but will give it a go when I re record it.
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first mix is gully mate
nowhere was cool. thought u could have made them drop together tho, but still sounded good.
martyr's intro sat nice under nowhere.
f inten -blinding mix aswell mate

not bad at all. digged it man. agree with dedbult tho, it sounded a bit slow. i dont like hearing tracks too sped up, but it was a bit laid back at this pitch.
look forward to some longer mixes from ya
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