Check out my new tunes - Opinions please!!


aka studioviper
Feb 15, 2002
Hello all,
Please feel free to check out my new tunes:
kunt phlapp
Da Drop
The first tune is a techstep roller with a funked-up bass line; probably my best produced tune to date, the 2nd is a more 'propa-mash-up' effort with tramen drums and hoover bass (u know the kinda ting)

All constructive criticism welcome!


I Am Not The King
Feb 8, 2002
ill tune

hey man
your cunt tune has got really fuckin good sound, clean as a whistle. Good mix and GOOD compression. Cool break and really cool synths, is that a real virus? Love the synths.

negative: The low end bass line isnt on hit and i dont think it drops hard enough at all. Structurally its a bit scattered and thats the main problem of the tune, if you got the structure up a bit stronger the bassline would hit so much harder (i.e with some break trickery and swooshing synths to bring them in)

thats constructive yes?


aka studioviper
Feb 15, 2002
spot on mate... that's exactly the things that are on my "to do" list... the *improved* version should be up by the end of the week.

...and then it's down to the dub plate cutters for me!

They are both at number 1 and number 2 in the weekly charts, and number 1 and number 4 in the monthly charts... '!!!' ---- sort me out with some free web space!!! hehe...



New Member
Feb 20, 2002
Definetly dope. But as he said and you replied the bass does need to hit. I dont really here a distiguishable bass until the end.

but very tight track.
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