check my new tune

intro sounds like space 2001 lol...drums are quite weak not eqd well at all. really not feeling the synth line your using...and the synth is way louder than the drums? i take it your just starting out..? yer....keep working hard.........i did actually like the way you had a 2nd drop...though that was a good idea....the rest of it sucks production wise....not clear at all.....only thing i like is the windup high frequency bit. before each drop.:wave:
hello mate know what you saying i was trying to for that summer time vibe? i got alot of ideas but only work on my own an dont ave much time to do it can you help me?
its got some good ideas man keep at it... yeah main point this man made is just to eq the drums...

make the kick higher freq and more punchin

cut the low off the snare and maybe add another higher pitch one behind it

but i like the ideas u got u just need to make everything all fit together nice get ur levels right and make sure u havnt got any clashing sounds
i think the tune is good mate, the drums need to cum through more mate and the bass needs to be stronger.The lay out is good, once you have sorted out the above it will be banging NICE WORK
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