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Apr 11, 2003
Hi - just thought I would get all your feedback on the update of me site.

It is an online clothes shop selling the sickest graffiti inspired designs on a full range of both men's and women's "urban" clothes (t-shirts - hoodies - sweats - - crop tops n tight fit vest for the laydees etc etc. etc.)!

Im adding more designs soon and want to know what you think of the stuff. What do you think about the designs / prices etc. Should I add more graffiti style stuff - graphic stuff - techy type stuff? Just creative criticism basically - dont be too mean!

Ive got a couple of designs in a glossy fashion shoot in the next issue of Graphotism and am in talks with a couple of online drum n bass / hip-hop WWW sites about stocking them so it finally is starting to look rosy (fingers crossed)!

Also - if anybody knows any shops that sell this sort of stuff - Id be MUCH appreciative if you could leave the address - especially in the London area - cos there's fuck all shops that sell this sort of stuff up here in Newcastle

Click the link below and leave your comments here! Hope u like it!
Nah - the picture links (i.e the arrows on the left hand side) only work properly if your i n 1024x768 screen resolution - otherwise they get a bit fucked up!!! :cry:

Try the text links at the bottom of the page and everything should be hunky dory once again (hopefully!)!!!!:D
Yeah man, i could see teh designs nah...They Rox!
honest, prety gud skills with the cans you got:D, especialy the OMEZ editions!!whats up with REPEL? is that your tag or summit??
Gud workpal, do you accept orders now??I'd love the grenade one!! :slayer:
Yeah - I've been taking orders for a while now - it's all good!!

Glad you liking the designs - it took buckets of blood, sweat and tears to get it up n running (mostly tears!!!), but it's been up n dandy for about 9 months now.

Get in touch at for ordering n shit!
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