We're interested even if you already play for one!

Who we are and Where we've come From
BassJunkees is the brainchild of 2 equally as mad nuttahs both heavily into the Dance and Rave scene with ambitions of creating one internet radio station for both Ravers and Clubbers alike. Whilst one has experience with the club scene, event promoting and pirate / internet radio management, the other is a Rave Veteran with almost 14 years under his belt and a professional web designer responsible for this site. Both are competent and Avid DJ's with many years experience between them. Dont worry, your in safe hands!

Where we're at
We're not in this for the money, not in anyway. We just love our Basslines from all genres and wanted to create a place where you can hear the Basslines thumping away whatever the style being played. This will be a new station with very few listners to start with. We will have numerous advertising and promotion campaigns in effect once the site is launched. so dont expect hundreds of listeners to be Locked. Its early stages for us and were hoping that you will stick arround to help and watch us grow.

The site may look basic, however what you can see now is only a fraction of what has been designed and put in place. So rest assured, once we go live and launch the site, you'll notice a big difference.

Where we want to go
Big question! The same as all stations really, What we are looking to achieve is a large audience of listeners from all around the globe with artists educating our listners to all styles of music.

Are we intending to make money from our venture? HELL NO. This is a non-profit venture. Any cash made from advertising is used to plunge back into the station and improve existing features and add new ones. Management have other means of making a living. We do this purely for the love of the music we are all so addicted to.

Interested in becoming a Junkee and hosting your own show with us? Great news! We have many slots available and we'd like to offer you one of them! Whether your a single DJ or a DJ/MC package - Its all Good! Even Record Label Representitives - We want you! Some come and join us!

We offer a wide variety of styles to our listners so rest assured... if you play any of the styles llisted below then we're interested!

Drum & Bass [Liquid / Dancefloor / Hard & Dark]
Jungle / Oldskool hardcore / Breaks / Happy Hardcore
Techno / Trance / Hard House / Vocal Garage

No need for travelling to any studio, you broadcast directly from your PC at your home/studio. It couldnt be more simpler. Still interested?

GO TO : for more information and to apply for a show with us. :miss_rep: REMEMBER ADVERTISING ALSO AVAILABLE.
big up alllllll