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Oct 7, 2002
what cheap set ups people got ?

i got a i.mac runnin reason and am looking to get some decent sound comin out of it.....(you cant put sound cards internally in imacs!!) after xmas. what cheap set ups every one got? i am proper new to this shit and wondered if anyone new any good tips for nice sound using the i-mac:rolleyes:

yo yo lokki,

im runnin a 2.53 p4, with cubase 5.1, recycle, cool edit 2k, and nuff plugins!
Originally posted by logikz
ive got a bucket. and a parrot. and a stick. i hit the parrot with the stick. the bucket is for reverb.

I hear thats what DIllinja uses, you Dillinja wannabe!
im running fruityloops and wavelab on a celeron 333mhz ( :thumbsd: ) with an audigy soundcard and a midi keyboard. i will hopefully be upgrading my pc very soon tho and hopefully getting some moniters.
logic 5 and a shit load of plugs, i've spent about £30 on my setup (not counting the PC, which is pretty beefy). No need atm cos i got access to some proper good stuff at college, even though they wont let me use the valve compressor :cry:
cheers for the advide i erckon im gonna go with the parrot/bucket idea, do you reckon it would work with a gerbil and a plastic wash basket cos thats all i can find.
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