Cheap Mastering

I have posted this on another board, but I think it would be rude as my first post to link to another site. So here is the content cut and pasted:

If anyone would like to get their tracks mastered, I can recommend a good service I have used. It's only $20 a track so like 14 quid for one track and if you get multiple done the cost can come down as low as 8 quid a track. The turn is round in 48 hours and the results are actually very good, this is nothing if you compare it to 75 quid at metropolis per track for non attended maters and 195 quid per hour for an attended!! Obviously it's all done on line so it's not attend but they send you a 24 bit wav in both dynamic versions and commercial version, and they will re do a mix if you think they've actually butchered your track.

At this price even for unreleased artists it;s worth getting it done for demos. I don't work for this place btw, just impressed by the service, if you PM I will put you in touch with the guy I know their.

I will post an example of a breaks and drum and bass track before and after below, out of the 8 I had done 7 were spot on and only one I asked for corrections on:


- - - Updated - - -

Here is a before and after of the Drum and Bass track:



And the breaks track:


As you can hear big difference and yes I tried my very best to push up as much of the track to 0db however did not use any multi band compression, eq or effects on my Master Channel. Spoke to the geezer and he's happy for me to put genuine people his way but he doesn't want his name all over the net, so PM if you think it would benefit you.