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I've compiled this short list of great programs that serve as a realistic alternative to warez for those of us who can't afford to pay top price for those professional programs... you know the ones!

Wave Editors - Wavelab, Soundforge
NGwave - A fantastic program that gives Wavelab and Soundforge a run for their money.... $39.95
Audacity - A functional wave editor that has most of the functions you would expect to find in a professional package... $Free
Goldwave - Another fantastic audio editor... ~$45
Acoustics - Haven't tried this one personally but it looks quite good, maybe someone else can say a few words about it? 29.9EUR

Sequencers - Cubase SX, Logic Audio
Cubase SE - Has a great deal of the functions you would find in top of the range sequencers (probably all the ones you would ever use anyway)... ~£85
Muzys - A nifty little sequencer that alot of people think is very innovative with some unique features... $125
Madtracker - The oldskool ones among you already know what a tracker is, for the rest of you, a tracker works like a cross between audio and midi, but these days with advanced features like VST and ASIO support... 40EUR
Muse - Also looks good although i haven't tried it as it's Linux only.... $Free

That's it for now, i hope some of you guys can add to the list!

say :nono: to warez!
Im living in the dark ages. The only program i have for production is Demo Version 3.56 of Fruity Loops. What programs should expand out of the olden days into the new millenium? :hotpants:?


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grasshopper said:
Im living in the dark ages. The only program i have for production is Demo Version 3.56 of Fruity Loops. What programs should expand out of the olden days into the new millenium? :hotpants:?
For free - check out the the CM studio free with Computer Music magazine (contains a free version of Muzys)

To buy - check out Cubase or the new Sonar 5 Producer edition which looks VERY good 8O
Once you get your VST's this place is great for getting yourself some decent sounds:
"PatchArena is an online community for sound designers and electronic musicians. We host the worlds largest collection of user created patches and skins for hardware and software synthesisers and effects. Our patch database contains hundreds of banks for VST Plugins, DirectX Plugins, Audio Units Plugins, Creamware, Orion, Reason, and FL Studio instruments. A big thank you to everyone that has contributed so far. To make your patches and skins available for others then submit them here. Enjoy the site!"



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skylove said:
buy FL Studio 5 ..

Read more here :

hope this helps

good luck
There is a newer version of FL out, but the learning curve on it is kinda steep. If you started with 3.whatever, you should be fine to go to 6. I would recommend buying it though because not being able to save on the demo version is a hassle, and it's not too expensive.

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I'm a big fan of Krakli Synths. They're free (although they also make more complex versions for purchase), have a pretty wide range of different types/sounds, & really cool interfaces. My personal favorites are "karnage" (raw morphing leads & basses), "lizard2" (much the same, somewhat but "sweeter"), & "Cygnus" (a truly wild spacey thing with a crazy interface).

The guys behind Krakli obviously put a ton of effort into their projects, & I like the unique sounds I get out of them.

To top it all off, their site contains links to some of their favorite free synth-makers & free VST download pages.

Check it out:
hi, im totaly new to this and was wondering if anyone could recomend me some programs that would be good to start off with and realy just get to grips with wat im doing, if you can just give me a message.

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i tried to DL modplug tracker......

but i have no idea what type of virus

what ever it is..... its blocking all my administrative options.... i cant even burn a cd


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Some super-duper freeware plugins you shouldnt be without.........
The Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series..... i cant remember the last time i made a track without at least one of these plugs
The Interruptors plugins.... super cool delays... Analogic Delay is ugly, but my fave delay to date and i looove my delays
Excelent plugs here.... defo worth checking Baxxpander, X-Cita and the mighty Elotronix XL tape delay
Only used one plugin from here.... Nanotron which is an emulator of the vintage synth... Mellotron. its well worth mentioning imo
DSK Brass is the best freeware brass section plugin i found, made some cool reggae stuff with this
Inspector is a very good frequency analyzer from well respected plugin manufacturer Roger Nichols Digital..... you have to give them your email to download it but its well worth it!!
you have to register for these..... but these are worth it.... these aint cheap effects made in synthedit... its solid state logic for fucks sake!!
some very useful plugins here
havent used any TobyBear plugs for a long time, but i remember them being pretty cool
Unfortunatley Jack Dark stopped making VST's and his site is down, but you can get all the old darkware plugs from the above link.... but the link doesnt show you how beautiful some of these things are, heres just one, its the only online pic i found but theres better ones

EDIT: found a link for the darkware plugs with pics....

and finally some places that have 100's if not thousands of links......
so many links, so little time!!
lots n lots n lots....
kvr, im sure most of you know this place

ENJOY!!!! :bounce:

Edit: forgot to add this......
BiFilter is a very good distortion/filter plugin.... im suprised that its free!!!
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