cheap controllers that can use usb sticks


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Oct 1, 2006
anyone know of any cheap controllers or even cdjs (pair) that can use usb sticks for under €400
two of my 3 cdjs are fucked and my turntable has a mind of its own when it comes to
was looking at them but i kinda dont wanna have to be connected to my laptop
or can u use them standalone?
CDJ 400s are a good shout, they're not too expensive if you grab them secondhand off gumtree or ebay. They have usb functionality although they're fairly old so you can't use too many tracks to one drive. they have really cool Jog wheel effects which are fun to play about with too. Next best thing is to go for CDJ 350s or 850s, just keep an eye out on ebay for a good bargain
I got some ndx500's recently which I'm really liking. First cdj's tho so not much to compare it to when it comes to real decks. Only niggle I have with them is that they only let you have one layer of folders so I had to re-arrange them but for the price can't really complain :)
ended up getting xdj r1 and am very happy with it so far
ended up getting xdj r1 and am very happy with it so far

Damn Marklar that is one sexy bit of kit I am so jealous! Surely that was over your €400 budget?

bump, similar situation - £600 budget want an all in one set up

or can buy a laptop and a cheaper controller.

I've been looking at the xdj r1 too but can only see them going for £650ish on gumtree, nobody local.
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