Slow Release

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Jun 2, 2017
Cool track, nice balance, drums are punching nicely. It is a bit repetetive, however. Creating variations in the bassline would be nice, especially the second time it comes. Also a little trick for when the bassline comes in the second time after the calmer part would be to cut the tails of the bassline and pads so that when the next part kicks in, it does so from silence. Bigger impact that way. Keep up the good work!


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Jan 31, 2016
hello. good work i think. nice drums and everything seems to sit well in the mix.
the track is very low in master volume, did something go wrong on export? have you put a limited on the master bus yet?
also, please check around the 500hz region and try to scoop some to enhance clarity. good work bro! :2thumbs:
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