Chase & Status - No More Idols EP


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May 30, 2007
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Easy pass for me. Hocus Pocus should've remained how it was but is still banging. The vocal on No Problem is cool, if slightly gimmicky, but the drop I'm not feeling at all. Other two tunes are shit, but saying that I haven't heard good quality audio of them.

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Oct 24, 2008
Reli excited bout this album, their last album was a stonker to be fair, when u look at the tracklisting and how many of the tracks still ruin dancefloors and are classed as classic or anthems.

Ive only heard No Problem and that was on Nightlife and when I saw them do their live set last year and to me it sounds like it could be lacking slightly at the drop but i love the idea and breakdown. I like blind faith too and the video is classic. Look forward to this.

Quick note about their live set, if you want to check it out to see how they would do it live, then don't cos there is almost nothing live about it. It is not exactly evident in their performance wot they are doing as they bash synths and keyboards and their live drummer only plays over the recorded drums and very low in the mix. Literally sounds like theyre playing the cd and just have a drummer and mc over it while they pretend to play the synths n basslines. At one point one of them plays guitar which was cringe worthy as they lack any sort of real stage presence being so used to djing all these years. never the less the kids loved it and we raving hard and altho it was ages ago i can remember no problem being dropped and thinking fuck me this is epic. in case ur wondering a friend works for universal and got us free tickets so we thought we would go down n check it out.
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