Chase & Status Dubset


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Feb 10, 2009
They are playing a dubstep set in a little shitty club at the back of my place. I'm tempted to go but £11 to see 1 set I can't justify haha maybe if there was another decent dj on the line up!
Has anyone heard Chase & Status play dubstep before?
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But on topic. C&S pretty much always play dubSTEP in their sets. Ive not seen them do a strictly dubstep set yet tho. If you wanna hear them mix dubstep then listen to the middle of their essential mix or just listen to one of their recent live sets.
Can't edit title haha! Not really heard them play live sets much but I have a few of their tunes on vinyl and they are normally happy, singy style. Judgement (informer) is a grimey tune though!
ye i have, they palyed a full dubset set at a club called herbal in cental london, they played alongside hatcha and benga that night and ive gotta say it was fucking sick, played alot of their own dub songs like eastern jam etc but its def worth seeing there jus as good at there dub as there dnb, ware bouts they playin anyway?
Yeah I like their tunes, got quite a few! Brockie and Ed Solo - Represents remix is 1 of my faves. Most sets I've heard from them are boring, similar to clipz.
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