Charma in for DJ Q


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Sep 16, 2008
With no DJ Q this week, it was DJ Charma to the rescue, arriving at the 1xtra studios with a sack full of the freshest UKG, Bassline and Niche flavas! He ripped it up in true style, including some fine beats from Anything But Monday, Shawfire, and Movi-Starr, plus EXCLUSIVES on behalf of Wideboyz, TRC, and Deekline + Whizard. Check out the full track listings below.

Charma on point for 1xtra’s UKG M1X Show!
Listen again to the show here:

0200 – 0230

Deekline & Whizard – Angels (MJ Cole Mix)
Alicia Keys – Teenage Love (Wideboys 2-step Mix)
Jay Sean – Maybe (Sunship Mix)
Dizzee Rascal – Dance Wiv Me (Agent X Mix)
MJ Cole ft Digga – Gotta Have It
Anything but Monday – Bump (Control-S Mix)

0230 – 0330

Caliber ft Natz – Lies
Mitchell Williams – Break The Dawn (Wideboys Mix)
Shawfire – Countdown
Panic Stationz – 5-Mob
Shawfire – Shook Mixdown
TRC – The S Word
Craig David – Where’s It Gone?
Piper – Ladies (Agent X Mix)
DJ Q – In Love Again
Delinquent ft KCat – I Got U
Leona Lewis – Forgive Me (TMF Remix)
The Syndicate ft Fillie – Bye Bye (Original Mix)
Burgaboy ft BM – 3 in 1
TRC ft Ruth + Z.O. – Whatever You Feel

0330 – 0430

Wideboys ft Sarah Saville – Closer to Midnight
Agent X – Menace to Society
Phonetix – Can’t Get You Out of My Head
Juicy Joints ft Q – Too Late
Pussycat Dolls – When I Grow Up (Wideboys 2-Step Mix)
Sunship ft Charlotte K – Tell The Sun
Wideboys ft Denis G – Sambuca (Control-S Mix)
Kanye West – Love Lockdown (TMF Remix)
New Wright + Tek 1 – Flash
Qualifide – Lego
Artful Dodger – One More Chance
NeYo – Closer (Agent X Remix)
War - Untitled
Look Shook – Qualifide (Vocal Mix)
David Jordan – Sun Goes Down (Delinquent Mix)

0430 – 0530

DJ Q + MC Bonez – Get Mad
TJR – Just Gets Better (Agent X)
Reece B ft MC Neat – B.A.S.S.L.I.N.E.
In Love With The DJ – Movi-Starr (Wideboys Mix)
TMF – Sorry Answerback
Matlok – Eastwood
Shut Up And Dance – Glory Days
Phonetix ft Mr Faizer – King Of My Castle
Danny Wynn – Make It Right
Agent X – Breezy (Dub Mix)
DJ Q – Belly
TMF – Lollipop
CJ Bollard – Sugar Is Sweeter (Twocker Mix)
Wittyboy – Ironman
J.C. – Spanked By Slugs

0530 – 0600

Deesha – Everytime (Bibliotek 2-Step Mix)
Fergie – Glamorous (Danny Dubz Mix)
Duncan Powell ft Robbie Craig - It Ain't Easy
Wideboys ft Denis G – Sambuca (Twocker Remix)
Nikka Cost – Everybody Got That Somebody (MJ Cole Remix)
Unknown – Love Me
MJ Cole ft Paul Johnson – I’m Grateful
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