Charlie L Presents: War Mix Volume 1


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Feb 3, 2009
Easy Forum crew.

Been a while since my last mix and I thought i'd come back with a bang! This mix is pretty much for the dancefloor, all the tunes in there are ones i've heard out live and thought were wicked or always wanted to hear out. Usually just name my mixes by what month it is but I felt this one needed a name.

Its a 90 minute mix with 45 tunes, predominately techy beats, so if you like that it'll be right up your street.

Anyway I'll let the mix do the talking now and I hope you guys enjoy.

Feedback is always welcome


Dj Shadow Ft. Little Dragon - Scale It Back Calyx and Tee Bee Remix
>> Hive and Gridlock Ft Break D Bridge Fierce and Nico - Standing Room Only
>> Fierce and Vicious Circle - Section Vip

June Miller - Snapcase

Ti - Ice Dread

Mindscape - Drive by

Commix - Strictly

Break and Die - Tear Down
>> Octane and Dlr - Transition

Optiv - Waterboard

Cyantific - Infinity

Zero Method - Cold War

Konflict - Forcefield Optiv and Btk Remix

Bladerunner - Feel For You

Benny Page and Zero G - Game Of Death
>> Andy C - Valley Of The Shadows

Break and Fierce - Hooligan

Optiv - Midnight Nation

Gerwin and Nuage - Back In The Moments

Break and Die - Grand Funk Hustle
>> Wickerman and Rv - Ev's Dead

Stray, Sabre and Halogenix - St. Clair

Sub Zero - Protection

Andrew Bayer - In and Out Of Phase Calyx and Tee Bee Remix

Level 2 - Descontrol
>> Spectrasoul - The Tube Vip

Ulterior Motive - It's On

Mind Vortex - Now's The TIme
>> Dj SS - Lighter

Matrix And Fiere - Climate Cause 4 Concern Remix

Calyx -Are You Ready Hive and Gridlock Remix

Btk and Ink - Cold Flow

Foreign Concept - Possessive

Sato - Clap Ya Hands

Spirit - All I Need

Phace and Rockwell - No!

Optiv and Btk - Over The Edge

Break and Die - Deep Search

D Minds - I Am Bad Enei Remix

Btk - Drop It

Phace and Misanthorpe - What's Wrong

Dj Ss - Black Bladerunner Remix

Delilah - Go Spy Remix

Gridlock - Tuscan Rider
>> Photek Age Of Empires


Scale It Back Remix - is fucking massive, wowwww
> standing room only - clean, works well
> section vip - same again, really nice. good technique for the opening
> snapcase - thought the mids were a bit muddled on this one, can see what you were going for but i think they clashed a little too much for my tastes. other than that it's a big mix
cant remember ice dread to strictly as im not too familiar with the tracks! all rolling smoothly tho
tear down > transition - does work well but i think maybe transition was pitched down a little? took away from its impact to an extent but the dd was still clean
> waterboard - big tune
> infinity - wasnt too sure about this track at first but is pretty big to be fair, very nice
> cold war - nice
> forcefield remix - a looove this, such a hype
> feel for you > game of death > valley of the shadows - eq'd perfectly man, so on point. game of death is hench, will have to pick that up as well!

as far as ive got so far will return when ive finished it, really good stuff so far!
Ah nice one for the feedback mr smith! Hopefully the rest of the mix is enjoyable for ya ears!

I see what you mean about snapcase and the calyx and teebee remix.. Was more concerned about getting them beat matched than Eq'ing and so it didn't sous as good as it should do..

Big ups man and I look forward I hearing what you think about the rest of it!
Hooligan - really nicely brought in
Midnight Nation - nice
Back In The Moments - love this tune, well played
Grand Funk Hustle - the twinkles from back in the moments sound noice before this dropped and the drums add more steppyness. top notch
> Ev's Dead - quality, 'alright' vocals sounding big underneath
St Clair - fucking large. this mix is so effortlessly tight so far
Protection - clean but was enjoying the rowdyness up until this, no doubt it'll pick up
In And Out Of Phase - vocals sound sick underneath
Decontrol - this tune is sick. nice one
> The Tube VIP - yessss. pure steppy goodness
Its On - the synths from decontrol work a dream underneath this, quality
Now It's Time - not a fan of this tune sorry man
> Lighter - but this is massive, really well eq'd just to get the vocals coming through
Climate Remix - veyr nice
Are You Ready Remix - tune
Cold Flow - yeah big
Possessive - very nice again
Clap Ya Hands - every double is sounding so clean now. rolling beautifully
All I Need - never heard this before, big
No! - noiiiice
Over The Edge - rolling like something really large
Deep Search - hadnt heard this either, quality
I Am Bad - tune is ill
Drop It - im all about this tune
What's Wrong - think maybe this was out a tiny bit when it dropped, brought back nicely
Black Remix - large tune
Go Remix - really like both these tracks, sit will with each other for sure
Tuscan Raider - war mix
Age of Empires - ending with a classic

this was ridiculously tight man, enjoyed it thoroughly as i have all of your mixes really. eq'ing was very on point in parts and largely clean as anything, dd after dd everything rolled so smooth. its a great mix to go running with as well :) saaafe
Nice one mr smith!

Yeah I tried to make this mix as representational of how I like to mix I a club.. Lots and lots of double drops and techy madness

Really appreciate the feedback dude.. Put a lot of effort into this mix.

Glad the mixes around what's wrong didn't sound to fucked up.. Was running out of steam by the end!
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