gamorah sound
Mar 13, 2003
Event Horizon
I'm looking for a tune that's released om a transparant 12". On the label is the logo from the clothing brand 'Champion'.

The tune itself is a crazy raggajungle style amen masher with lyrics that go something like this: "... like a champion, ... like a champion... rampapapampam..." the '...' is for the words I can't remember :D

Not much to go on, but I haven't got a clue who did this tune or who it's by.

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Mulla said:
My guess is Buju Banton's 'Champion' on Jetstar.

Whats the cat no.? Find out and do a search on Tarzan.
That would be handy if I knew the but that's just it.

Tarzan doesn't have the tune listed.

But I think I know someone who has that tune. I guess I'll just ask her.
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