Challenja-DustHead-TrippyBassDrivenGlitch DNB



"I didn't know that you like to get Wet!"
This is one Dark trippy futuristic Glitch Neuro DNB track that simulates an O.D on Angel Dust.
Smoke the Devil man shit will f*ck your head all up!

Produced by Challenja©™ Rebel Teknology©
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Made with Ableton Live 9.5
Mastered by Me using Ozone 7 Advanced
Subpac optimized for maximum low bass response
*headphone use suggested*

Artwork by Timur Khabirdy

All rights reserved and this song cannot be copied, duplicated, remixed, or recorded without strict legal permission.


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Jan 31, 2016
Welcome to this forum !
Quite an introduction for an average production! Some nice ideas, some interesting samples, mix isn't too bad ... but nothing special nor groundbreaking new, imo. Good first track! :cool:
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