CG Printing - We will beat all prices if we can - try us out

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    CG Printing - We will beat all prices if we can - try us out

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    CG Printing is a part of the better known company Cyber Groove Productions/Artist Management ( Though the years of doing events and helping events with talent we see that a major part of the events are obviously the flyers and press materials needed to promote the events and/or the djs who make up this scene. The other thing we noticed is that certain print shops would charge an arm and a leg for something that is so important, I feel that needs to be stopped. I am here to help you the promoters and the djs to get your message or event out to the masses by giving you already great retail prices but letting you know that if you can beat my prices, I'll do what I can do to drop mine to beat their price.

    Also if you book a Cyber Groove Artist ( I will give you my VIP promoter discount, which is a crazy low price.

    As a company we also do a number of other services such as web design and building, flyer design, studio mastering, cd/dvd duplication and as mentioned before our artist if you are an artist or a promoter you just have to call one number or send one e mail to get the job done

    view our website for all information:

    Thank you.

    Scott McCusker
    Cyber Groove Productions/Artist Management
    CyberGroove2k < AIM