For Sale Cerwin Vega Speakers and Kam Amp

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    I'm selling my Cerwin vega VE12's and Kam KXR 600. I live in south west London and people would obviously have to come and collect the speakers but I may be persuaded to post the Amp.

    Cerwin vega VE 12F - Description (RRP £343 on Amazon)

    12" 3-Way Tower Floorstanding Speaker features Peak Power: 300 watts (per speaker), Frequency Response: 28 Hz - 20 kHz, 5-1/4" Midrange with Fiber Impregnated Cone, 1-1/4" Treated Silver Mylar Tweeter with Ferro Fluid, 12" Cast Frame High Excursion Woofer

    These speakers are truly amazing! I used them for DJ'ing (obviously) but only ever at home and never had any need to crank them up really loud. As such they're in great condition and also come with some very high quality speaker wires. I really can't praise these enough, you have got to hear them to believe them. Paste the link below into your browser to take a look on cerwin vega's website.

    Kam KXR 600 - Description (RRP £190 "ish" on Amazon)

    This amp has always served me well, never let me down, and just like the speakers is in very good condition. Paste the link below into your browser to take you to a more detailed description.

    People are of course welcome to test both/either before they buy but I will need the amp to sell second otherwise I'll have nothing to power the speakers...if you've got an amp your welcome to bring it along. Ideally though some one would buy both together.

    Post your bids below and the winning one gets them!
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    hey do you still have these?