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    ez people. i know there are alot of liquid DJ's on here but check us out! :) here is a write up for the forthcoming EP on Lay Low Recordings. Links to audio are at the bottom of the post! check the other items in our soundcloud sets and full profile.

    For the third release on Lay Low Recordings it's time to hit you with another killer 4 track E.P entitled 'Knock Out E.P'. And for this one, the head honcho of the label has stepped up to take the reins once again to provide you with 4 tracks to make your face crack. Certified Sickness has been grafting hard in the studio to ensure that his latest productions are some of his best work to date. With some new sounds and 2 tracks on the E.P featuring the mighty MC Vapour and one remix track brought to you by rising talent in the scene Breakneck, this E.P is set to shake down walls and awaken dancefloors. So prepare yourself for some no-hold barred, serious jump up sounds from Lay Low Recordings label boss, Certified Sickness.

    The first track on this E.P is entitled 'Knock Out feat. MC Vapour'. This track kicks off the E.P with a big intro packed with punchy drums, clean percussion and dark atmospherics. All tied together with a sick vocal sample provided by the mighty MC Vapour that you are certainly not going to find on any other track. The drop then explodes into a shockwave of disgusting bass synths. Combining a pulsating, grave digging synth with one of the most gritty synths in the scene that sounds like the starting of a rusty chainsaw, this one will slash through your body like Leatherface himself. This track is set to raise some serious hell on the dancefloor so make sure your prepared.

    The second track on this killer E.P is entitled 'Dead Earth Men'. This track comes in with another dark vibe on the intro containing cinematic orchestral sounds and eery atmospherics. The intro then begins to build the suspense as your ear eagerly awaits the drop with it's deep filtered drums and a deadly vocal samples. The drop then explodes out of nowhere into a ruthless, head banging stomper. With its angry robotic bass synths and some raw, swinging drums pounding through the speaker box like a sledgehammer. This track is going to be an instant dancefloor classic that will be thumping through systems for years to come.

    The third track on this E.P is entitled 'Stupid Fool (Breakneck Remix)'. Up and coming star in the scene Breakneck smashes through onto Lay Low Recordings with this his first release on the label. This track comes straight in with that same Japanese flavour that the original brought us, with those kung-fu samples and that Japanese style sound from the synth but with a slightly different riff to give it that Breakneck flair. The drop then takes you into something totally different from the original. Breakneck has gone in with a more minimalistic sound but still keeping it moving. With a mixture of sharp, heavy drums, rolling percussion and big bass sounds to get your face screwed, this track is utter gutter from bar 1.

    The final track on this E.P is entitled 'Deep In The Depths Of Space'. This track comes in with an almost scientific sounding intro full of space age atmospherics, a cinematic sci-fi vocal sample done by Mc Vapour in he's studio and crisp, clean percussion. The drop is then let loose and fires into a world of quivering, shivering bass that cuts straight through your ears like a circular saw. Team all that with those huge drums and skippy flow, this track is something totally different from the norm and absolutely insane. This track will send the dancefloor wild in ways previously never seen before.

    Although this is the difficult third release, we think we have provided you with four insanely killer tracks that are set to smash apart any building. Certified Sickness has once again pulled out all the stops in ensuring you get the best and biggest tracks from his arsenal of productions. So get ready to unleash these beasts with a knock out blow to the dancefloor with this, the 'Knock Out E.P'.

    AUDIO SET..... http://soundcloud.com/lay-low-recordings/sets/laylow003/

    Thanks for reading ppl.
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    certified sikness is pretty mad