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Oct 3, 2010
Orlando/Queens Ny
Hey guys just a very quick drum question about these 2 songs. the first song is

what kind of pattern is that its so different then most patterns you here and also this song

any tips on how this would be achieved using the step sequencer on reason would be amazing please :D
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Dec 28, 2008
which pattern are you talking about, theres three or four different beats in that first tune.

If you mean the beat at, for example, 3:40, then the first snare hit is later by an 8th note.

I like this beat! Time to try it on my drumkit :)

In the second tune, the second snare hit is played early by an 8th note. If you look at the pattern being 16 steps, then the kick is on 1 and 7, and the snare on 5 and 11. add loads of hihats to taste, there's a lot going on so its a bit hard to hear the details.

I don't say these are exact, but close enough. I don't have reason but hopefully you can figure it out. The blue is the kick, the wine color is the snare, the yellow is the hihats.
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Ray Sparra

Jan 22, 2011
I don't programme drums myself, but a good way to do it is to have individual parts of the kit on different channels,(unless you've got a drum kit infront of you)
starting with a bassline can help to let you see what kind of beats you want on top, it can work vica-versa,, find your self a kick put it on drum channel 1, you may want to eq, or add reverb or whatever, get your snare and put that on channel 2, listen to your bass and kick decide how you want your snare to sit, put your hi-hats on channel 3, work the pattern until your satisfied, (else make multiple patterns,) basically treat the parts of your drum kit as different instruments, when your satisfied with the pattern/sound,,after adding effects to each channel , group them , (or else use samples,,,,


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Oct 8, 2010
Cooden Beats
PS - use the Redrum to program your sampled drums - much, much easier to experiment and move stuff around etc.
you will see the patterns written to the sequencer once you 'copy to track'.

just experiment man and use your ears!
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