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Oct 1, 2006
can it be set that u need a certain amount of posts to post in a forum like over 20 or so in certain ones.
thatd probly cut down all the wank threads an dicks makin em.
general shud be abble to post from the start but stuff like waffle u shud need more posts an proper ones to use it!lol
that was in introduction thread though- although I get what you mean ...

there was another one but i was out an dint check it an it was in waffle so it wud work i fink!
I dunno, on the plus side all the attention seekers/trolls are blocked but then all of the decent people who have opinions and interesting contributions are left out...
It all leads to a sort of non inclusive forum imo.

You 600+ posters still have chatbox at the end of the day
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