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Apr 1, 2011

The GIANA-BROTHERZ are a band-project within the Drum & Bass and Breakbeat scene, which was founded back in 2000 by the producer-duo SSB aka as Chicken & Sola. In the same year TJ HOOKAH joined the crew as a very skilled and experienced DJ in order to support the duo during their live acts with wicked scratches and samples. Only a few months later the first releases on the Pathfinder label from Bonn and on Cologne’s label Basswerk followed. Even UK’s DJ Fresh found interest in the rocking sound and signed the tune Tessla on Square One, a sub-label of Bad Company. Since then the GIANA-BROTHERZ have been touring all through Europe and have even traveled as far out as Moskow, Russia. In the year 2003 they start their own label which is called GIANA BROTHERZ RECORDINGS. On this label they signed Artists like Misanthrop, Neonlight, Mankind, Polarity & Shroombab and of course their own releases.
The GIANA-BROTHERZ stands till now for a dangerous combination of Drum & Bass and Nu-breaks, so watch out as they continue to invade Europe’s dance scene.

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