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Jan 8, 2016
https://soundcloud.com/cellsmusic%2Fdata-cell-doors-of-perception https://soundcloud.com/cellsmusic%2F7th-wisdom-by-cellectr0 https://soundcloud.com/cellsmusic%2Funfathomable-by-cellectr0-original-mix https://soundcloud.com/cellsmusic%2Fbaptised-by-cellectro-origianl-mix-free-download https://soundcloud.com/cellsmusic%2Fthe-causeway-by-data-celloriginal-mix https://soundcloud.com/cellsmusic%2Fblowpipe-by-data-and-cell
CeLL or CeLLectro @CeLLsMusic https://soundcloud.com/cellsmusic

First release "Doors of Perception" Tempa Records. TEMPA 044. and 'Antenna Data & CeLL'(Horizons Music) .

Been making tracks with Data (MetalHeadz) aka Adapt/Nick Modern since the late 90's, until in 2007 he released our music as just his own. He released our tracks; Causeway, Blowpipe, Black Pagoda, Leaves, without my knowledge or permission and took my name off them. Since then he's never mentioned our beginnings together or why he went behind my back with our tracks. I was having treatment for cancer and was seriously ill. I just had no idea he was releasing our music. I haven't bothered with him since.

Just love making tracks but have never promoted myself at all

My studio comprises of Cubase 5 with many VST Plug ins, my fave sythns are HG Fortune's Synths. I use a M Audio Delta Soundcard, Yamaha MG124c Desk, Mackie HR824 Monitor, A Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar, Bad Horsie 2 Morley Wah and a Zoom GFX-1 Effects Pedal. Various Boss Pedals My fave being Metalzone 2 (MT--2), Roland PC300 Keyboard. (The first ever Midi Keyboard) , An Ion USB Turntable for sampling vinyl and a Sony Stereo Mic.

Releases :
Doors of Perception / Leaves - (Data Feat. CeLL) Tempa044 (Co Writer, Producer)
Appears on Tempa 50 mix- Sept 2012
Antenna - (Data & CeLL) Horizons Music (Co Writer, Producer).
The Causeway by Data on Influence Records (Co Writer, Producer*)
Blowpipe by Data on Lucky Devil (Co Writer, Producer*)
The Black Pagoda by Data (Co Writer, Producer*)


"The essence of the numerology number 44 is a focus on efficient and conscientious business building. 44 builds for both the present and the future. It wants rewards for its work in the present and it wants to have a large positive effect on the future."

The 1957 Encyclopédie Larousse defines a cell in music as a "small rhythmic and melodic design that can be isolated, or can make up one part of a thematic context."
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