Celestial Conspiracy 001 Remix EP


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The latest release from Celestial Conspiracy is a remix EP of our very first release, "Bawling for Soundclash" and "Wings of the Morning."

For this release, we recruited three extremely talented producers, who are making their vinyl premier on this 12".

Criminal from Konkrete Jungle Buffalo provides a remix of "Wings of the Morning," and it's definitely old-school as hell... HEAVY bass with rolling amens, and a nice little distorted fart thrown in for good measure:


Korea's Accomplice gives us a version of "Bawling for Soundclash" that is a dubwise masterpiece; Exciting as hell, but as chilled and relaxed as drum & bass can get:


Deos, from Konkrete Jungle NYC, remixes "Wings of the Morning" into new-school jungle at it's most over-the-top best. ...Catchy reggae riffs, chopped amens, and a cheeky little homage to the junglist shouts of the mid 90's:


This is a VERY limited run, of just 300 records. They have been sent to a couple of shops, but are available immediately via our webshop at www.gravegroove.com/shop.html for the low price of $8.00 each. We still have small amounts of our last two releases available as well, for the ridiculously low price of $4.00 each. For high-quality Ragga Jungle vinyl, that's a steal...

As an added bonus, everybody that orders a copy of the new record will receive a free bonus mp3 of Vanilla Xtrax's remix of "Wings of the Morning."