CE5 - I wanna be friends with Skrillex [ working title ]


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Jan 31, 2016
hello modz, I can see you had much fund with this track. :D sounds awesome as most of your tracks.
however, this is one is not as cool in my opinion as the other ones I commented on .. sorry ! :cool:


Jun 16, 2016
This track is rather interesting, not in a bad way. You have seriously got creative on this track! The kick is a little distorted in places (clashing with other low end in the track?) - may need a little eq work. I wasn't a big fan of the part that came about 1min 08sec. Although I can see you're going for a more haunting sound - it sounds a little disjointed and flat with the pad and vox fighting with each other.

Soul Of Seun

May 31, 2016
Kind of a funky groove. Not sure the synth that comes in around 0:27 works as well as the other sounds. I do like the percussion and glitchy vibe to it, however.
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