Cdj louder than Technics ?


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Feb 8, 2012
Basically i recently brought a Cdj 850 to add to my setup of two technics 1200 mk2's but on adding it to my djm 250 i switched from line to cd and the cdj is way louder than the technics ? Ive fiddled with switchs leads, etc but still cant work out why ? I have to have the gain on the cdj down almost to offf for it to be the same as my technics ? Anyone got any idea why ?


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Jan 19, 2011
Derby, UK
Its just the difference in amplification and medium. Phono requires a pre-amp in your mixer to get it to line level, I think this puts out at 0db. Whereas line level hardware, your CDJ for example, outputs at +4db.

Those 4 db make a lot of difference.

It could also be that the record is quite quiet and the digital music youre playing on the CDJ is compressed to fuck. It could also be your needles are old and need replacing.

At the end of it though, thats why we have gain knobs on mixers. Lots of music is mastered at different volumes, its your job as a DJ to be able to match those levels regardless of medium.
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