CCK001 - Imprintz - Demens / In The Limo <- FREE DOWNLOAD


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Jan 5, 2009
Hi! Our first free release on Cyber Crunk.





The netlabel Cyber Crunk was created by founder of the site D'n'B Streaming to promote the new talents of the stage Neurofunk and Techstep met on the internet network by taking out the maximum of releases free of charge.

Why free of charge? Simply because at the moment, a lot of artists become known via the Web because this solution is the best and more the promotion is present more the artist will have of chance to play in events.

All the present works on the netlabel Cyber Crunk are protected by the license Creative Commons, that is you can download them and distribute as you want on conditions to clarify the name of the artist, not to modify the compositions nor to distribute them in a lucrative purpose.
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