Multi Genre Caustic 3 (android)

Discussion in 'Production' started by miszt, Jan 20, 2014.

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    Always loved Caustic, but Version 3 has moved on nicely! :banana:

    get on it

    upgrade is free from version least it was on my phone, remember to update your Unlock key aswell

    and if you havent bought Caustic yet, get it!

    new vocoder, FM Synth, 303 synth, PCM Synth (multisample), mastering/bus tools, and a modular synth :D

    Loads of free drum kits available for the drum machine aswell, you can drop WAV's into the PCM, Vocoder and Beatbox (drum machine), or use SoundFont2 or FL Mobile Studio packs :)

    can also plug in your midi controllers, if your device supports Host mode...which most new fones do these days

    you even get access to a PC version :burn:
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