Catching up with 'Current Value' (In-Reach Mag)


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Sep 30, 2012
There`s a darker side to this scene we love. A twisted, malicious, fearsome side that tests the nerves of its listeners and only those of a strong disposition or freakish nature will cope, sounds interesting doesn't it? Well on this occasion it definitely is! One of the purveyors of these 'Dark arts' has a new LP coming out and we are very excited about it!

German Tech powerhouse, Current Value has pulled out all the stops on his brand new Biocellulose album forthcoming on Critical Music. Immersed in his signature sci-fi, hard-tech take on drum and bass with some A-list collabs this isn't one to miss for any discerning neuro fan.

I feel a little background on the man may be necessary for any new fans...

Current Value Aka Tim Eliot from Berlin, Germany has been producing for a lot longer than some people may realise, his underground 'skullstep' days go way back and this man has a good 20 years under his belt in the scene. It`s due to his more recent plethora of releases on some highly regarded labels that have shot him further into the forefront of the neuro/tech scene such as Blackout, Bad Taste and of course the label he`s now signed to, the mighty, Critical Music. We are going to have a chat with the man himself to see what he`s up to and get a glimpse of what he`s about!

Yo, Current Value! Thanks for taking the time to chat to us here at In-Reach... You`ve been extremely busy of late, we`ve seen releases all over the place, Seems there's a bit of Current Value fever going down! What spurred this influx of tunes and slight change from the 'Skullstep' (Thats what we`ll call it).

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