Catacomb: January US tour and mix inside!

Dnbnation & Earwaks present...


Catacomb (Andyslim, Bantom, Spherix & Kace)

Hailing from Ontario, Canada (Andyslim, Bantom & Kace) and Victoria, Australia (Spherix) the four part production team have dug their way deep into the realm of the dnb scene over the past year with a slew of releases lined up for 2006. Showcasing all the latest sounds accross the spectrum of dnb, the two members Andyslim & Bantom will be taking the US by storm for the second time as a collective, get ready to reach the depths of the Catacomb.

Catacomb -The Murk:
Was once forthcoming on US offshoot label Obliterati Recordings is now coming on mother label Ohm Resistance with the likes of Corrupt Souls, Kiko, Skynet and Submerged. Refer HERE for more info.

Catacomb - Is it real:
After some label interest has now found a home on offshoot label FokuzLTD with the likes of Mav and Autumn, we are very pleased and excited to join the FokuzLTD team. For more info refer HERE.

Catacomb - Won't stop:
Snatched up by mother label to FokuzLTD, Citrus Recordings along with the likes of such artists as Noisia, Mayhem, Falcon, Predator, Digital, Black Sun Empire & Decimal and fresh off their first ep (Falcon - Rolled up in the club), currently on release 018 we are again truly proud to be working with Citrus recs. For more info refer HERE.

Catacomb - Buried alive:
Coming in late November / early December on Germany's own Shadybrain recs (Read the article done by Kace for HERE) with the likes of Phace, Misanthrop, Pyro, Polarity, N.phect & Diz:play, D.struct & Rascal & Clone this will be the first release on an MP3 label for Catacomb. For more info refer HERE.

Catacomb - Godsend:
Coming on Australia's own Kinematic Recordings with the likes of Static & Rregula, Bad Robot, Flame, Stare & Implex, Catacomb are set to take down under by storm. For more information refer HERE.

Catacomb - Recalibration:
The first tune by the collaberation is slated for release ASAP on's own MP3 shop with the likes of Kace & Andyslim, Robot death squad, Purple Unit and Materia. Look for this one soon and for more info refer HERE.

Current dates include:
Raleigh, North carolina (Friday January 13th, 2006)
Puerto Rico (Saturday January 21st, 2006)
Seattle, Washington (Saturday January 28th, 2006)

Email -
AIM - Andyslimdnb
Myspace - Catacombaudio

Deep in the dirt promo mix:

01.Catacomb - Godsend [Kinematic]
03.Catacomb - Buried alive [Shadybrain]
02.Catacomb - Humanize [Unsigned]
04.Catacomb - Won't stop [Citrus]
05.Catacomb - Ebola [Unsigned]
06.Catacomb - Recalibration [Earwaks]
07.Catacomb - Is it real [Fokuz]
08.Catacomb - The swarm [Unsigned]
09.BTK&Spleen - Destruction (Catacomb remix) [Unsigned]
10.Catacomb - Puncture [TBA]
11.Catacomb - The murk [OhmResistance]


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aka Quickster
bantom said:
that would be great, as far as I know, there's nothing solitified for that week.
Please e-mail
with further details if you could, and we'll see if we can swing it:cool:
glad you dig the mix aswell.
aw shit well its posted up on pdxdnb so im sure the promoters will swoop ya if wanted, my crew throws mostly rave parties and it isnt big enough yet to be payin headliners to come and play, i mean unless it was like a guest appearance for some beer and gas money.