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Ez all.

Having a bit of a problem with one of my carts. I have Shure White Labels and one of them has started to massively lose sound quality and when i take it out i get a buzzing noise coming through the mixer?! Really pissing me off, havn't even had them that long.. I recently set up my decks using the videos in the 'what weight do you track at' thread but i doubt that would be a problem.

Strangely it only happens with one deck/channel as when i switch the carts over it is fine, but i have lost a lot of sound quality still in the broken one, as if its always got a small amount of dust on it. When i clean it though it seems to work properly again for no more than 10 seconds, if at all.

Any ideas?! Seems a very strange one to me and i seriously don't want to fork out on another stylus for it!

EDIT: Just realised its completely bent!!!!

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Now somehow, trying to sort them out, i have buggered the other one and lost sound quality on that. Sent an email to Shure to try and sort out a new pair through warranty
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Did you bang em around re-adjusting everything? I re-adjusted everything after watching the vids too and when I was doing it I tapped the end of my tone-arm and sent it flying. Nothing got fucked up tho, thank god. Hope you get it sorted soon Muzza!